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Rams are officially runaway favorites in NFC West

The San Francisco 49ers odds to win much of anything this season dropped like a rock following Jimmy Garoppolo’s torn ACL. Their weekly spread numbers dropped, and they are now near the bottom of the league in Super Bowl odds.

It is no surprise their odds to win the NFC West dropped as well, but accompanying that is that the Los Angeles Rams are officially runaway favorites to win the division. They’ve been heavy favorites, but it’s now all but locked up. Prior to Garoppolo’s injury, the Rams were 2/7 favorites, and the 49ers were behind them at 10/3. The Seattle Seahawks were third at 12/1. Following Garoppolo’s injury, the Seahawks are 10/1 and the 49ers are 14/1. The Rams? They’re now 1/16.

The next closest odds are the New England Patriots at 1/3. Given that the Patriots are in a three-way tie for second in the AFC East at 1-2 while the Miami Dolphins lead the division at 3-0, it’s kind of amusing. And yet, not surprising as they know people will continue betting on the Patriots.

But it’s interesting to see how heavily favored the Rams are at this point. I put down a few bucks on the Rams back in early August to win the division. Even then, they were at 2/3 odds (-150). I won’t win much, but it shows how significantly their odds have improved in the past month and a half.