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John Lynch talks pass rush struggles, Solomon Thomas snap count

The 49ers need to make some adjustments to beef up theeir pass rush.

The San Francisco 49ers pass rush remains a big problem, and the situation does not get any easier this weekend. They travel to face a Los Angeles Chargers team with a pass protection that ranks ninth in adjust sack rate allowed. The 49ers pass rush ranks 23rd in adjusted sack rate, and there’s no indication this will improve soon.

General manager John Lynch was on KNBR Friday morning, talked about the pass rush and the issues they have had closing the deal. They are getting pressure and making contact with the quarterback, but they are not closing the deal with sacks. It’s a step in the right direction, but they need to take a big step and get some sacks.

“[W]hen you look at us in terms of pressuring the quarterback, quarterback hits, we’re top ten, we’re 12, somewhere in there. But we gotta finish. You have to finish the deal. And everything ties together, coverage with front, and we’re just not quite there. You see a bunch of guys, including Solly there, swiping at the legs of Mahomes, but not quite get there. We just gotta learn to take that next step and finish people — because that’s what this league, it’s about making plays, it’s about finishing plays. That’s where we’ve gotta get to start turning these into wins.”

It remains to be seen what changes the 49ers will make to improve the pass rush, but getting Solomon Thomas some more interior pass rush work would be a start. He has had some success inside, and yet he continues to get work extensively outside. We saw a bump in snaps for him last week, and John Lynch suggested we might see more work for him sooner rather than later.

“One thing we do is we rotate our defensive linemen a lot. But I think you’re right, his snap count has been down. I think Solomon’s earned the right to probably be out there a little more with the way he’s played well the last couple games. And we’ll see how that transpires this weekend, but I think he’ll be out there.”

The 49ers have to figure something out this weekend. If they don’t find some way to pressure Philip Rivers, he will absolutely pick them apart.