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Matt Breida knew he his knee was okay shortly after he came off the field

Breida was back to full participation in practice on Thursday, but then limited again on Friday but odds are he will play

The San Francisco 49ers left Kansas City quite a bit worse for the wear in regards to injuries, but one player who will hopefully be back in the game on Sunday facing the Chargers is Matt Breida. The running back had a scare in Kansas City when he came out of the game after hyperextending his knee. He returned to full practice on Thursday but then was limited on Friday.

After the game, Breida mentioned that he knew his knee was fine shortly after the hyper extension happened but Kyle Shanahan reported he did have some calf soreness the next day. On Friday Shanahan explained why was limited in practice and listed as questionable for the game:

Just to see how he feels on game day. He’s been up and down a little bit this week. He got a little bit more yesterday. We kept him limited today just trying to manage the wear and tear. But, questionable is better than doubtful so hoping it works out.

Breida has been a very productive piece in the 49ers offense. He is tied with Ezekiel Elliott for first in the league in rushing yards after week three with 274 yards. He, by far, leads the league in yards per carry after three weeks with an average of 8.6 yards per carry. Elliott has an average of 5.7 yards per carry, nearly a two yard difference. Todd Gurley had 255 yards prior to the Thursday night match up between the Rams and Vikings. After the game he had a 4.3 average yards per carry. Christian McCaffrey had 271 yards with a 5.9 average after three weeks of play.

One thing the 49ers need to do in Los Angeles is to come out faster and execute better in the first half. Breida cited needing to come out with more energy, adding that the team is a lot better than what we saw in the first half. He added that is was frustration because he knows that they are a better tea than what showed up in Kansas City in the first half.