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I never get tired of Super Bowl XXIX

Tomorrow may be a long day, or a grinding close win. Anyone remember when we did this to the Chargers?

The San Francisco 49ers will face the Los Angeles Chargers for Week 4 and are seen as underdog in every sense of the word. The Chargers outmatch the 49ers in several key categories and now if the 49ers are to lose, it’s a matter of how.

I’m a homer, so I of course need to think back to simpler times against the Chargers. If the 49ers lose tomorrow, we always will have this close to our hearts. Yep, I’m talking about Super Bowl XXIX.

To anybody that is not a 49ers fan, Super Bowl XXIX is maybe one of the most boring games ever subjected to. To 49ers fans, the show is like the Moon Landing. An amazing piece of television that should be archived on VHS tapes and never taken off.

The game was a culmination of an “all-in” where the 49ers made several moves in the offseason to build a super team of sorts, one of the most notable being acquiring cornerback Deion Sanders

And the game highlights were pretty much all 49ers. The Chargers got thumped to the tune of 49-26. 49ers quarterback Steve Young set a new Super Bowl record with six touchdown passes while finally getting the proverbial monkey off his back that had been there since taking over for hall of famer Joe Montana.

Tomorrow might get ugly, but this video can at least soothe us to simpler times.

As per usual, the DMCA biscuits got this thing blocked in some regions, so if you can’t view the highlight video above, go here.