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It’s been a “Roody-Poo” filled week

Who would have thought this topic would have lasted all week?

Press Conference To Announce A Major International Event At MetLife Stadium Photo by Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images

It was somber 49ers locker room in Kansas City with the injury of Jimmy Garoppolo looming over it as well as the team’s second loss. Leave it to Reuben Foster to lighten up the mood a little when he spoke about his confidence in quarterback C.J. Beathard who would be taking over as the leader of the offense. Even Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock,” took notice and replied:

Foster was obviously pretty excited that The Rock reached out to him:

It even became the Esurance quote of the week:

George Kittle even used the quote as a caption for his Instagram post:

Along with Kittle and Foster, Earl Mitchell and Garry Gilliam are both wrestling fans. Gilliam even has the Universal title belt from Monday Night Raw on display in his locker. Mitchell spent some time during the offseason at the WWE training facility learning how to be a talent scout, watching interviews, and observing auditions. Mitchell said it’s something that he might be interested in pursuing once his football career comes to an end.

While there may only be a few wrestling fans on the team, it’s a sure things that there are quite a few fans of The Rock. Maybe they can lure him out to Levi’s for an appearance, it would be a huge success!