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Jimmy Garoppolo talks PB&J, the trade to San Francisco, and his week as a quarterback

Matt Maiocco got the mother of all 49ers interviews: Jimmy G. We have the time stamps.

Matt Maiocco got the mother of all interviews: James Richard Garoppolo , AKA Jimmy G. Maiocco got him to sit down for the 49ers Insider Podcast during a peanut butter and jelly sandwich of all things and Garoppolo went on to give what will be one of the better interviews of the 2018 season. I can’t really identify a best, but what was really interesting was a week in the life of Jimmy G. Which I have transcribed below:


“Usually a recovery day, watch film from the day before. Start watching film for the next week. Who you’re playing, get their depth chart and everything. A lift, a run, and just taking care of your body.”

Tuesday (players’ day off):

“Tuesday is one of the craziest days, honestly. It’s a lot of film work. A lot more mental stuff than physical stuff. Physical ones come later in the week. Tuesday’s all mental, get your arm right. Whatever bumps and bruises you got to deal with; massages, all that stuff. It’s a long day Tuesday.”


“Another long one. That’s your first practice of the week. Installing a bunch of stuff, looking at their defenses. That’s when the coaches first start to give you the gameplan that they have from the first two days and you get rolling.”

(Wednesday) Thursday, Friday:

“All pretty similar. You’re working on different stuff; early down, redzone, third down, end of game, all that stuff. Throughout all that , you’re just watching film continuously at night, studying the game plan—whatever the audibles, checks are, all that stuff.”


“Hay’s not in the barn until the whistle blows. I’ve been in some games where you put something in literally a couple hours before. Because the coach says, “oh this is going to work,” you kind of trust it — It’s something you probably have done in the past, in a prior game, or you talked about. Sometimes you draw stuff up on the sideline that will work and you never practiced it. It’s kind of having faith.”

As you might expect, the entire interview is nothing short of awesome. As we’ve all found out, you can never get too much of Jimmy G. Below are the timestamps. You can listen to the interview using the widget above. If it doesn’t appear, go here.

00:56 - Knowing his way around the Bay Area
01:56 - Life living with the Garoppolo brothers
03:05 - What he does during downtime
03:42 - The monotony of being an NFL quarterback
05:00 - Brent Jones’ comments on being a “fully loaded computer”
06:18 - Being Bill Belichick’s legacy in New England
07:03 - The week up to the Super Bowl in Houston
08:08 - Leading up to the trade
09:13 - Reaction to the trade
10:25 - The near car wreck on the way to the airport
11:10 - Arriving at the 49ers building
12:00 - Why he wears number 10
13:10 - Learning the playbook vs. the gameplan
14:56 - Looking at the Vikings
15:45 - A week in the life of Jimmy G
17:30 - His relationship with Kyle Shanahan
18:42 - His rapport with the team
20:37 - Not taking himself too serious vs. taking his work seriously