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Earl Thomas is re-joining the Seahawks for Week 1, but is in a bad mood.

He wanted a new contract and didn’t get it. He will not forget.

The Seattle Seahawks have resolved their most pressing issue heading into Week 1. Free safety Earl Thomas announced on Instagram that he is re-joining the team for the start of the 2018 season. If you can’t see the IG caption, here’s what he said:

I worked my whole life for this..... I’ve never let me teammates, city or fans down as long as I’ve lived and don’t plan on starting this weekend. With that being said, the disrespect has been well noted and will not be forgotten. Father Time may have an undefeated record but best believe I plan on taking him into triple overtime when it comes to my career.

Thomas is entering the final season of his contract, and the Seahawks have agreed to waive all fine money he accrued for skipping mandatory minicamp and training camp. In exchange, he returns to play out his contract, albeit not in the happiest of moods.

This raises questions heading into the regular season. I imagine Thomas is in great shape, but football shape and physical fitness shape are two separate things. It will be interesting to see how the first two or three games go, and if there is any rust. The San Francisco 49ers don’t play the Seahawks until Weeks 13 and 15, so rust will not be an issue at that point.

The other big question is whether or not a trade happens later in the season. If the Seahawks struggle and find themselves out of the playoff hunt heading into the trade deadline, maybe they move him then.