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The 49ers will win/lose against the Vikings if...

We’re into the first game of the season and it’s a very, very, tough one. The San Francisco 49ers have the Minnesota Vikings and they could win, or lost. Either can happen, “if”...

In case you didn’t know, there’s a football game tomorrow. The first of many for the San Francisco 49ers. They open up with an absolutely brutal schedule and it doesn’t get much worse than having to go on the road to Minnesota in an AM game. The Vikings almost went to the Super Bowl in 2017. Almost because of Case Keenum realizing he was Case Keenum at the absolute worst time.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the 49ers were to win this, but I’m not putting money on it. The Vikings have a much more solid roster ready to go to the Super Bowl, and is my pick to represent the NFC this year. That said, it will be a great team to gauge where the 49ers are at with their own championship aspirations, and just how good of a quarterback Jimmy G is.

The 49ers will win if

They can be flawless in offensive production all around. The Minnesota defense doesn’t produce big highlights, but it is solid at every position. Jimmy Garoppolo and his pass-catchers cannot afford to make a mistake here. They need to nail those short intermediate throws, establish the running game, and keep Kirk Cousins and his new assortment of toys off the field. That means no obnoxious drops. It also means hopeful good blocking so Alfred Morris/Matt Breida can get running room. The 49ers cannot afford numerous three and outs in this game. If they get more than a couple in a half, things are going to get ugly. That said, they can’t afford to go into score-quick mode either. The Vikings will eat them alive if that happens. The 49ers need to keep Garoppolo on the field and get the Vikings defense tired.

The 49ers will lose if

The defense, more specifically the secondary, can’t keep things in check. Dalvin Cook will get his yards, but the 49ers run defense is much-improved. If Kirk Cousins can get into a rhythm and launch balls down the field with success, as well as convert 3rd downs by getting the ball into those windows, it’s pretty much all over. The 49ers defense will again need to stop that passing game and get the ball back into Jimmy Garoppolo’s hands. This will be a close game, and the secondary will need to be in the Vikings’ pass catchers grill all game. It will be interesting to see what new offensive coordinator John DeFilippo tends to enjoy doing, but if it’s anything like Pat Shurmur, expect Cousins to keep things short and steady.