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What’s your bold prediction for the 2018 season?

Anyone got any crazy thoughts for what may happen?

The 2018 NFL season is just about to start getting going for the other 30 teams in the league. That of course means it’s prediction time! Not just predictions, but bold predictions.

To kick things off, ESPN’s Nick Wagoner had his own bold prediction for the 49ers. It’s one I can definitely get behind:

DeForest Buckner will reach double digits in sacks and finish in the top five of Defensive Player of the Year voting. Buckner might be the most underappreciated player in the league. According to Pro Football Focus, he led all interior defenders with 19 quarterback hits in 2017. He added 52 quarterback pressures, ranking fifth among interior defenders. The next step is turning that pressure into sacks, something Buckner looks poised to do as the Niners find more ways to get him in one-on-one situations. Buckner could work more at end in a role similar to how Jacksonville used Calais Campbell in 2017.

I don’t know how many defensive lists that were made where Buckner was not even mentioned. It’s been downright disrespectful to the player and I wouldn’t be surprised if he made the earth shake for his 2018 campaign.

That’s not my bold prediction, I’m sticking by one I made in January. See, in January, I did my yearly predictions. So far, I’m not doing so well. We won’t go into specifics on how bad I’m doing this year (pretty bad) but there is one prediction I’ll stand behind:

The 49ers will beat the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle by two touchdowns.

Given all the talent shakeups and that awful, awful draft the Seahawks were fortunate to be a part of, this is becoming more and more believable. If the 49ers can keep the roster together and not injured by the time the trip to C-Link comes around, I do believe the team can dominate the Seahawks and silence the stadium for once. Living in Seattle, I’d absolutely love this. I could probably go to the stadium and put my hammock up for a nap it’d be so quiet.

49ers, don’t let me down.

Now it’s your turn. What are your bold predictions for this season?