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49ers playing Vikings means we should reset the Steve Young run

Anytime the San Francisco 49ers play the Minnesota Vikings you know we have to talk about this. There will not be a single play on Sunday that can eclipse the majesty of this video.

The San Francisco 49ers are set to take on the Minnesota Vikings Sunday and (obviously) there’s one play we always dig back up when the Vikings are on the schedule. What play is it? Why it’s a great gem from 1988 that still to this day never gets old. Yep, I’m talking about Steve Young and his amazing 49-yard run.

We can say, with confidence, that there probably won’t be a play tomorrow as awesome as Young bolting down the field and passing out in the end zone. Maybe if Garoppolo throws a pass to himself and then runs down the field for 80 yards he might bump Young for greatest play against the Vikings. Maybe.

Until then, just put this video on repeat and watch away. The folks over at NFL throwback have some great history tidbits on the play and how it was significant to the season also. It’s an interesting watch. If you can’t see the tweet, go here.