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Time to get pumped for 49ers-Vikings

The pump threads return, and hopefully another hiatus isn’t in their future.

A long time ago, in a fanbase far, far, away, we had these things called “Pump Threads.” The premise of these things is simple: Toss your gifs in here, get jacked up, and well, get pumped before our first quarter thread rolls around.

Unfortunately, as the 49ers slipped into mediocrity with Jim Tomsula’s coaching, the pump threads were put on hiatus. There wasn’t much to really get pumped for. Now, three years later we are bringing back the pump threads. As it always works with these things, I usually have some hand picked music that goes along with the week. This music is submitted by you via my twitter, @patoholloway or you can drop it in the comments and I’ll feature it the following week.

Without further ado, let’s get some music on here. Crank your speakers up.

Alright, Week 1 is upon us. We’ve waited eight months to see the new and improved Jimmy Garoppolo now that he actually knows what the hell he’s doing with Kyle Shanahan’s playbook. If the 49ers defense can show up and take over the injured Vikings offensive line, as well as keep Kirk Cousins from doing anything funky, they might have a shot against a team I think may make it to the Super Bowl this year.

What’s everyone looking for? I just want lots of Jimmy G. Jimmy G alone gets you so pumped, Fooch gave Jimmy G his own pump thread the night before.

We got just over an hour before the game kicks off. So...get jacked up! Drop some gifs/images in. And don’t forget to make song suggestions for next week!

This offseason couldn’t end soon enough!