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Watch Jimmy Garoppolo throw his first TD pass of the season, to Dante Pettis

This is a hell of a pass.

The San Francisco 49ers have been struggling to execute against the Minnesota Vikings, but late in the third quarter, we saw just how pretty it could be. A play after getting sacked, Jimmy Garoppolo spun out of initial pressure, and then chucked up the ball in the face of additional pressure. Garoppolo got all his arm into it, and found Dante Pettis at the very back of the end zone for a touchdown.

The ball was perfectly placed for none of the defenders to get to it, and Pettis then made a perfect fingertip catch before getting his feet inbounds for the score. It was everything you would want. The 49ers still trail 24-13, but it provides some optimism, and a little momentum heading into the fourth quarter.

Check out this video of the play.