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Dante Pettis’ touchdown celebration was imitating a cat cleaning itself

San Francisco 49ers rookie wide receiver Dante Pettis had a strong debut in Week 1 against the Minnesota Vikings. He muffed his first punt return, but responded with a 14 yard return a few drives later. More importantly, we saw him make two huge plays on offense. He caught a 22-yard touchdown pass from Jimmy Garoppolo, and then had a 39-yard catch and run that helped set up a field goal.

There was an important development, first noticed by one of our IG producers, Alex Tran. Check out the video below, and after the touchdown, you’ll see Pettis pretend to lick his hand and clean his face. Pettis has talked about his love of cats, and he started the celebration at Washington.

You can watch the play and celebration in full below, and that’s followed by a GIF specifically of the celebration.

Dante Pettis cat celebration