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RIP to Dwight Clark on the 37th anniversary of The Catch

We’ve got some video for you to enjoy.

The 2019 NFL playoffs head into the divisional round this weekend, and once again, we are celebrating the anniversary of The Catch. The playoffs that year actually got started on December 27th, 1981, and the conference championship games were January 10th, 1982.

I’ve embedded the NFL’s full broadcast above, and if you can’t see it, click here. It’s always a fun one, and we’ve got some of the broadcast below as well.

This is the most notable anniversary of the most important play in 49ers history because it is the first since the passing of Dwight Clark. He passed away due to ALS last summer, but prior to his death, he worked with Matt Maiocco to create a documentary titled Letters to 87. After developing ALS, Clark said he wanted to hear from fans as to how the game impacted them and what it was like. It is a lasting tribute, and you can watch the entire 27-minute documentary here. Rest in peace to Dwight on the date of the biggest play in franchise history.