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Joe Staley joins in the Antonio Brown recruiting

Keep it coming!

Often times, Twitter (and social media in general) can be an atrocious cess-pool. People are rude, misogynistic, racist, and can be all around awful.

But then, we get things like George Kittle and now Joe Staley giving Antonio Brown a shout and wave. Last week, Kittle gave a simple “sup?” to Brown and got a response back. Today, Joe Staley offered a wave to Brown.

The Steelers are considering all options outside of cutting Brown, but there’s a long way to go before anything actually happens. They cannot trade him until after the new league year starts on March 13th, although they would likely have conversations before then. The Steelers owe him a $2.5 million roster bonus on March 18th, and while that’s not a huge number in the context of his cap figure, it could spur things along.

Joe Staley and George Kittle tweeting at Brown is not going to make a deal happen, but it will keep us entertained while we wait for the trade rumors to start percolating!