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49ers running backs are excited to see Mike McDaniel returning as run-game coordinator

On Thursday, we learned the San Francisco 49ers turned down multiple requests from teams looking to poach run-game coordinator Mike McDaniel. Kyle Shanahan is the offensive architect, but he clearly likes what McDaniel brings to the table. And so do the 49ers running backs. Kyle Juszczyk, Jerick McKinnon, and Matt Breida all chimed in on Twitter Friday morning.

Juice, Jet, and Breida are not the only players who are fans of what McDaniel brings to the table. Former NFL wide receiver Andrew Hawkins played for the Cleveland Browns in 2014 when McDaniel was the wide receivers coach. On Thursday, Hawkins tweeted effusive praise for McDaniel.

We don’t know the specifics of what McDaniel does with Shanahan. Once you get past the OC (Shanahan in this case), it’s not always clear what a position coach or other assistant does. However, when you get these kinds of testimonials, it offers a little more context as to what he brings to the table.