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Steelers think they can get at least a first for Antonio Brown

We have competing reports about what the Steelers might get for Antonio Brown.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a decision to make with regard to wide receiver Antonio Brown, but they seem optimistic if they decide to trade him. The team believes they can make a deal that includes at least a first round pick, according to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora. NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport reported that rival GMs think the Steelers will be able to get a second round pick and maybe a third.

The Dallas Cowboys gave up a first round pick for wide receiver Amari Cooper, and Rapoport said it seemed unlikely Pittsburgh could get the same return. Cooper is six years younger than Brown, and while Brown is one of the best receivers in the NFL right now, it’s not surprising teams would not be willing to invest as much as the Steelers might hope for in aa deal.

La Canfora reported that the Steelers expected to hear from the 49ers, Seahawks, Colts, Saints, Packers, and Eagles. His sources with the team said they expect “significant interest” from the Ravens, Browns, and Patriots, but the team is highly unlikely to deal him to a rival. Rapoport mentioned the 49ers, Colts, and Jets, and said to keep an eye on the Broncos.

Teams cannot make trades until the new league year starts on March 13th, but there are always talks before then. La Canfora reported trade talks were expected to begin at the Combine, and Rapoport said the Steelers are likely to go out and actively seek offers for Brown.