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Where will Nick Foles end up this offseason?

This could shake up the quarterback market, at least a little ibt.

The magic finally ended for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles. The Eagles lost to the New Orleans Saints 20-14, with Foles throwing what proved to be a game-ending interception with two minutes remaining. I thought another Eagles miracle was going to happen, but it was not to be.

NFL free agency doesn’t get going for two more months, but the Eagles have a decision to make with Foles. A year ago, Foles restructured his contract into a two-year deal. It netted him a $2 million signing bonus a $3 million roster bonus, and a $4 million base salary for 2018. The deal also included a $20 million base salary for 2019, but it is an option year. If the Eagles do not pick up the option, Foles becomes a free agent. If the Eagles do pick up the option, Foles can still become a free agent by paying back the $2 million signing bonus he received in 2018.

Although Foles got the Eagles a Lombardi Trophy last year, and made some noise in this year’s playoffs, it’s a safe bet the Eagles will decline the option. Foles is not going to get a nine figure contract, but a team will give him a decent chunk of change either to come in and start outright, or compete for a starting opportunity.

Teams that will potentially want some quarterback help this offseason include the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars, Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, Washington, and maybe Tennessee Titans depending on how they view Marcus Mariota. The Bucs and Giants have a starting option, but are considering their options as well. I suspect they will not be options for Foles as he likely wants a place where he will either be the starter or has a shot at it.

I would kind of crack up at him potentially replacing Case Keenum in Denver. John Elway brought in Keenum after a strong showing in Minnesota in 2017. That did not turn out too well, and Keenum’s future seems shaky at best. I could see Elway hoping Foles could provide some competition for Keenum, and maybe even take his job. The Broncos need to find their quarterback of the future, but if they think they’re close enough now, they might be fine kicking the can down the road.

Whatever the case, Foles’ situation will be something to watch over the next three months. I suspect teams that would look to trade with the Arizona Cardinals or San Francisco 49ers to land a quarterback won’t necessarily be impacted by the Foles market, but you never know. It could shake things up as the 49ers look to benefit from this quarterback market.