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Golden Nuggets: 49ers get a new D-line coach

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Tuesday, January 15th 2019

When I thought about it, firing Jeff Zgonina was a good move. The 49ers defensive line seemed to get pressure in spite of his coaching and not because of anything I’d call great. What’s interesting is this is a fire of Robert Saleh’s staff. Saleh may not be getting the heat, but the guys under him are going to be held accountable for some of those issues you saw in 2018. Some of this is also because the 49ers were left with slim pickings when they made these hires in the first place.

The 49ers’ coaching hires came so late thanks to Shanahan playing in the Super Bowl the year he was hired (that stupid rule) that there wasn’t much left. Given how the 49ers first season went and their desire to re-establish stability, it makes sense they weren’t firing anyone after year one.

Year 2, they are making examples. They went and made a few removals with strength and conditioning and now they’re looking at the defensive line which, while was not complete from a personnel standpoint, was still underachieving. I understood the Zgonina firing and I love the Kris Kocurek hiring. The guy’s had a job every year and the only reason he was out of work from Detroit was because his own decision to go to Miami once Matt Patricia got the Lions job. Remember, he was with the Lions for nine seasons. You don’t stick around that long unless you’re good at your job and the Lions had some good lines there. Miami may be different, it looks like he was going to go to New York to join Adam Gase, but maybe they were going to move on anyways. The point is, this is a huge upgrade at a coaching position of need for the 49ers and it’s with a guy who not only been in the league for awhile, but hasn’t hopped around much either.

Now we just need to figure out those other coaching openings. Things are looking up.

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