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Eight months and we’ll have the return of Jimmy G

This video may be a year old, but it still makes me crack up.

The biggest disappointment for the San Francisco 49ers 2018 season, well besides that 4-12 record, was Jimmy Garoppolo being out for most of the season. The 49ers quarterback tore his ACL in Week 3, and that’s when things really started getting off the rails.

If you recall, fan obsession with Jimmy G before 2018 was pretty high, and that’s where this video came from. I’m guessing we mentioned this in some way shape or form; whether it was on our Niners Nation Twitter page or in a post, but it’s a slow Wednesday, so here’s (again) a hilarious video of the 49ers trading for, and the after-effect of Jimmy Garoppolo during the 49ers’ five-game winning streak in 2017.

It also has Jimmy G ‘dancing.’ Lots of dancing.

So what is this video originally of? It’s from 500 Days of Summer, a decent 2008 romantic comedy. Go here if you want to see the original scene without Garoppolo, but without, the scene’s art just cannot compare to when Jimmy G is there, so you may be disappointed. Eight months and Jimmy G will be returning, and I like to think this video is us once again thinking of how awesome 2019 will be. soon we’ll see him do the magic he does in the video once again.

If you can’t see the video above, or the DMCA Biscuits have it blocked, go here to watch.