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Marquise Goodwin and his wife Morgan explain tragedy that led to his midseason absence

It was a heartbreaking year for Marquise and Morgan Goodwin.

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin missed two games late this past season due to personal reasons, and on Wednesday, Goodwin and his wife Morgan explained what happened. You can watch the full video above.

Morgan found out during training camp she was pregnant with twins, less than a year after losing a son during pre-term labor. They did not want to reveal this new pregnancy it publicly until she was showing because of the previous loss. In November she had complications and went into pre-term labor once again. Goodwin flew back to meet her at the hospital, but unfortunately, they lost the twins.

It’s been a rough couple years for the Goodwin family, and our thoughts are with them as they continue recovering from another traumatic loss.