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Report: Packers hire 49ers assistant offensive line coach Adam Stenavich as O-line coach

More departures from the coaching staff

Another departure from the San Francisco 49ers coaching staff may be coming. Matt Maiocco reports that assistant offensive line coach Adam Stenavich is off to the Green Bay Packers to be their new offensive line coach.

Stenavich is one of the many that joined Kyle Shanahan in his arrival with the San Francisco 49ers. New Packers head coach Matt LaFleur has history with Shanahan when the two were in Atlanta, so the system fit is there. Given there’s a promotion as well, it makes sense that Stenavich would move on.

And now, another 49ers coach has left town. The fact some offensive coaches are getting looks and promotions within the NFL indicates the league may be looking to move in the direction of offense that Shanahan evolved from his father, Mike Shanahan. One that Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay has ran to much success.

The 49ers may or may not need an assistant O-line coach. If they were to replace the role, I’d expect a quality control coach to get a promotion of sorts. John Benton runs the offensive line (and brought improvement) and so far, it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere. Which is good because neither will his jam sessions.

Losing coaches is always a drag, but it says something about Shanahan if his coaches are getting interviews and promotions. Considering Shanahan assembled his original staff so late (thanks to him being the last hire due to playing in that year’s Super Bowl) it definitely says something about identifying coaches on the offensive side of the ball.