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49ers take Michigan edge-rusher Rashan Gary in recent mock draft

These are not the edge rushers you are looking for.

Western Michigan v Michigan Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

When we find mock drafts going against the grain of Nick Bosa/Josh Allen to the San Francisco 49ers, it offers up a wonderful time for discussion. Just imagine my joy when I found’s Daniel Jeremiah did a mock draft and sent someone besides the above names to the the 49ers.

Rather than Allen or Bosa, Jeremiah picks Michigan edge-rusher Rashan Gary to the 49ers. Here’s what Jeremiah said about the pick.

Gary has the size of a defensive tackle but the skill set to play on the edge. He’ll give the 49ers one of the best young D-lines in the NFL.

Going at No. 1 to the Arizona Cardinals is Bosa (surprise!) and Allen at No. 3 to the New York Jets.

So Gary. We haven’t really had a discussion on him yet, but he’s looked pretty good at Michigan. Good enough to go No. 2? Eh, let’s see how he does with a combine and a pro-day. You can read a draft profile here. The cliffs notes version is he has issues with the feet and was taken to school when playing Notre Dame.

Before the 2018 season began, Gary was seen as a potential top-five pick. As the season went on, Gary has managed to stay in the top-10, but going No. 2 does seem like a stretch with the talent available.

If the 49ers managed a trade back to No. 7, I’d give Gary some serious consideration at that spot, but at No. 2, it seems like a reach. Josh Allen offers so much versatility beyond his edge-rushing skills (which will be his main usage), I don’t see how he would be passed on. I look at Allen not just as a great pass-rusher, but someone Robert Saleh can plug in different packages when the 49ers are unable to substitute (hurry-up, two minute offenses, etc). That type of versatility is invaluable in the trenches. It gives Allen more playing time, and allows the defense to generate confusion.

I’m not knocking Gary. I suppose there are players you can justify taking over Josh Allen, Quinnen Williams, or (please, don’t do it if it happens) Nick Bosa. Gary isn’t it.

But what do you think? Rashan Gary at No. 2? Thoughts?