Breaking Down The Tapes: Josh Allen is a Busto at #2

Breaking Down The Tapes: Josh Allen is a Busto at #2

Here’s my Video Breakdown of Josh Allen. Go take a look and let me know what you think.

Let me clarify the Title. He’s not a #2 pick period. He comes with too many question marks. He needs to add weight in the 2nd Level or he’s not going anywhere. He’ll be a tweaner. Anyone ever did well in the NFL being a Tweaner? My Comparison to him is Leonard Floyd. Chicago moves up from their #11 Spot and traded a 4th Rounder to get the 9th pick in the Draft. He finished with 7 sacks in 2016. 4 Sacks in 2017 and 4 Sacks last Year. He’s still a Project that needs to add more weight and pack on some Pass Rushing moves to get Double Digit Sacks.

There’s also T. J. Watt. He’s the same weight in College back in 2017 at 236 lbs. He got 7 Sacks his first Year and finished with 13 Sacks last Year. He also added some Weight. If you can Guarantee he’ll be a Watt then take him at #2. Just like what I wanted us to do and Trade up to get Watt. Instead of Trading up to get Foster. He’s smashing it now in Pittsburgh. Good for them. Yet we’re still trying to find our Pass Rusher. And we’re here wasting our Time on a cover guy.

Another Comparable is Jaylon Smith of the Cowboys. He came out of College with the same Cover Skills as Allen. He bulked up and is playing great in the Middle of the Dallas Cowboys LB Corp. Allen just needs to add Weight. And the Power and Strength will come. He needs to carry that weight and still keep his Speed then pack on some Pass Rushing Skills. Easier said than done. Leonard Floyd is still working on it. There’s no sure thing that Allen can do it. But why is he there at #2? That pick should be a Starting Stud Player. Not for a Project and hoping he gets there his 2nd or 3rd Year. I’m done with Projects. I want a completed player instead of a Projection. I’m done hoping. A #2 should just be an IS Player. A #2 pick should be an IT Player. The only one I see is Bosa. We have to get him no matter what.

Breaking Down The Tapes: Nick Bosa Trade

When Chicago traded up to get Leonard they sent a 4th Rounder to move up to 9 from 11th. We can do the same for Bosa. Because Arizona will be happy with Quinnen Williams at #2 Spot. Because they already have Chandler Jones on the Outside until 2022 for 16 Million a Year. They don’t need a 2nd big Pass Rusher.

Chicago traded their 3rd and 4th Round Pick in 2018 to us along with another 3rd Rounder this Year for Trubisky. That’s for their Franchise Quarterback. They jumped up from #3 to #2. But Pass Rusher is not going to command that much ammo. It’s between a 4th rounder for Leonard Floyd in 2016 and Trubisky bullets. Let’s do this and take it home.

I’ll breakdown Quinnen Williams next. But let me know what you think about Bosa and Allen, thanks.

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