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Live Twitter updates from Senior Bowl weigh-ins, practices, press conferences & more

The big week is upon us, and opens with the weigh-ins and some press conferences.

Welcome to Senior Bowl week! The San Francisco 49ers coaching and scouting staff are down in Mobile, Alabama for the first big event of the 2019 NFL Draft offseason process. Teams have been scouting and ranking players throughout the past six months, but this is the first time every team will be together to evaluate a large group of prospects in one place.

The 49ers and Oakland Raiders have a big edge this weekend as they are serving as coaching staffs for the South and North rosters, respectively. Every team will have quick meetings with the many prospects on hand, but the 49ers and Raiders will get to spend extensive time with the players throughout the week.

The players will weigh in throughout the morning, with that starting at approximately 5 a.m. PT. The South hits the practice field at approximately 11:30 a.m. PT (not positive if this time is ET or CT), followed by the North at 1:30 p.m. PT. Players are available to the media after each practice, and Kyle Shanahan is expected to have a press conference after practice each day. We have Derrik Klassen and Tommy Call on hand to provide updates throughout the week. Derrik will cover the defense and Tommy will cover the offense. Additionally, Tommy will be on hand for Shanahan’s press conferences.