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Mike LaFleur, Mike McDaniel to split Senior Bowl play-calling duties

This will be an interesting test for the two offensive assistants.

During the NFL season, San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan handles offensive play-calling duties. His offensive position coaches provide input into the game-plan, but during the game it’s Shanahan offering the calls.

This weekend at the 2019 Senior Bowl, it appears the 49ers will shake things up with play-calling duties. Shanahan told the media on Tuesday assistants Mike LaFleur and Mike McDaniel will split the duties.

In related news, LaFleur opened the first practice of the week working with quarterbacks.

This is all of note because of the recent departure of QB coach Rich Scangarello. The Denver Broncos hired him to be their offensive coordinator, which leaves the 49ers without a quarterbacks coach. The thought is that either LaFleur or McDaniels will end up in that role.

Shanahan also clarified something that we were speculating on last week. The 49ers denied interview opportunities for LaFleur and McDaniel, and had initially declined the Broncos request to interview Scangarello. Shanahan told the media on Tuesday that he blocked the interviews because he felt like they were lateral moves. He talked with the Broncos after the initial decline and they confirmed it would in fact be a clear promotion. It seemed like before, and makes sense with Shanahan’s clarification.