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Montez Sweat could be a good prospect for 49ers if they trade back. Way back.

He’s not the best pass rusher in the draft, but if the 49ers sell that No. 2 pick to a team in the teens, he’s got to be in the mix.

TaxSlayer Bowl - Mississippi State v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers sit with the No. 2 pick and unless absolute craziness were to happen, mock drafts have them taking one player from the trio of Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams, and Josh Allen. If the 49ers manage to trade back to a quarterback-needy team or a team desperate for one of the above, that changes the landscape of everything.

The one thing that won’t change is the need of an edge rusher. Williams is not an edge, but he’s considered by some a huge talent regardless. Bosa and Allen both fill the edge rusher need. So who do they look at if they go back? Well, maybe this guy is worth considering:

That is one Montez Sweat (yes, just as it sounds). A player out of Mississippi State turning heads with his pass rushing moves. 2018 gave him 48 tackles and eight sacks. Our own Rob Lowder wrote a detailed rundown of Sweat on Tuesday that you can read here. If you want some highlights, we got some here. And here is his draft profile.

Sweat would work well in a 4-3 and according to the draft profile from Draft Network, Sweat’s worst film is against 2017. A year removed from his worst game seems like a plus.

So the question: Where is he projected? I’ve seen him going from the late teens, to the end of the first round. Our friends over at Mocking the Draft have him going to the Oakland Raiders at 24 in their latest mock draft.

Derrik Klassen, Niners Nation’s on-site Senior Bowl reporter, had him at the top of his list for impressive Senior Bowl standouts on Day One. If he continues to look like a nightmare the following days, his draft stock could improve a to where he goes in the middle of the first round.

If the 49ers start trading back, Sweat could enter the picture. If it’s a trade to seventh it would be a reach, but if the 49ers were to trade into the teens with say, the Cincinnati Bengals (11th) or the Miami Dolphins (13th) then Sweat is at least mentioned in the conversation (though still a mild reach at that point). As crazy as it sounds, the 49ers could trade a second time and find themselves in the running to get Sweat on the team.

There’s a lot to like about Sweat after you read up on him; no red flags, good motor, just limited flexibility. That video above was a fun few seconds, but we do need to tell ourselves that he was up against Senior Bowl competition, that’s not an NFL lineman on gameday. The excitement leaves a bit when you realize that.

Regardless of the situation, that few seconds got me looking into him as a possible fit for the 49ers if they find themselves in the late teens. Anything lower might be a reach and they’d be better with taking a different player (or position)

What are your thoughts on Sweat? Would you reach for him if the 49ers were at 10 or 12? Would you even take him at his projected position?