Breaking Down The TAPES: Quinnen Williams is the Pick at #2 and our New LEO

Quinnen Williams Is The Pick

Stop the press, we found ourselves a Football Player. I read that he couldn’t wait any longer on the sidelines and added weight to convert inside as a Defensive Lineman. Because there’s an influx of players playing the Edge Rushing positions at Alabama.

You can see it on Tape. The quickness off the line, the cold swim moves, the fluid delivery, the under and the spin.

I just had the pleasure of seeing a Triple Barrel Move for the first time on Tape. He shoots and gets through his man with a swim move. But he get’s doubled right away. He engages and get’s under and rushes towards the Quarterback. The QB steps to the side out of his way. So he spins towards him. Wow, amazing. The QB gets the throw out. But it was already done. I just witnessed perfection. Albeit in slow motion. Because you’ll miss it on real time.

All I can say on my notes was WTF! I’ve never seen a Triple Move before. It’s Rare! Because it’s never been done before. Did that really just happened? No one can do that? WTF is all I can say on my notes. Because it’s impossible to possess all these traits. I couldn’t comprehend what I just witnessed. I was blown by it. I’m still in awe.

The quickness, the getup, the moves. They’re so fluid. I thought it was fake at first. I thought I was getting PUNK’D. Quinnen floats on Tapes guy’s. And all I can about that is WTF.

He reminds me of a young Warren Sapp. His quick bursts off the line. His speed, his toughness. His power showing at every play. He’s a dancer out there. It’s like a ballet. Hmmm, maybe I’ll use Classical Music on my next Video of him?

But here it is. Go see for yourself what I’m talking about.

Quinnen Williams is the Pick

And rest assured. We found our #2 Pick. And don’t worry he’s not going to be playing DLine for us. He’s strictly a LEO. Because labeling him just a DLine player doesn’t do this young man justice. He’s a Football Player. A very good one. He’s the best I’ve seen. And yes, I’ve been around Football since 1981. And I’ve seen all the greats play. And I know what talent I just witnessed Tonight.

Oh I’ve seen some of his Films. But I haven’t broken it down until Tonight. I haven’t seen it frame by frame in slow-motion. I just saw greatness folks. I’m resting right now and taking it all in.

You’ll see more Videos of him soon. Because I just found what we’re looking for. And he’s going to take us to the Top. I’m sorry NFL. But our Dynasty is coming back. Start hating on us again because we’re back with a vengeance.

Quinnen style can lineup anywhere in our line and dominate it. He’ll kill it and own it. But I want him at Leo. I want to keep feeding him pressures to the Quarterback. Because he plays hungry. He wants it. He needs it. He’s a Pass Rushing Demon with Hair on Fire. He’ll get there with that Arsenal of Pass Rushing moves in tow.

The under you’ll see it over and over perfectly performed. The natural fluidity when it’s engaged. He just makes it fit.

The Swim moves that offensive line knows are coming. But it still freezes them. Like it’s coming down from the coldest Tundra. Like a spell was casts that kept them on their tracks. With heavy legs they try to engage yet can’t find the strength to grasp and hold onto Quinnen. All they can do is Tackle him.

His quick first step and bursts off the line leaves them in the dust. It’s a sight to see being used over and over. Like a master dancer performing the Tango, the Waltz. A ballerina on display. He’s just a step, two or maybe three? It’s like I have to question my eyes and ask myself did I just really see that?

He’s like Michael Jordan folks. The master puppeteer pulling the strings of players around him. I’m done, I’ve said too much. Just go watch the TAPES!

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