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Steelers might not be getting offers they like for Antonio Brown

If they deal him, they will have to settle for less than they want.

The NFL Combine is usually when trade rumors start to heat up, but usually chatter begins before then. The Pittsburgh Steelers are trying to figure out what to do with wide receiver Antonio Brown, and for the time being, it appears the market for a trade is not developing like they would hope.

We don’t know who has made offers at this point, and we probably won’t hear more about that until the Combine. There’s no real pressure to push something through for the time being because a trade cannot be officially executed until the new league year starts in March. Deadlines spur action, and with no formal deadline for almost two more months, it’s unlikely we see anything big develop for a while.

We’re left wondering what kind of offers are out there. My guess is any initial offers would be maybe a second or third round pick at best. Two weeks ago, Jason La Canfora reported Steelers people thought they could get a first round pick for him, while Ian Rapoport reported rival executives thought they would get a second or maybe a third. It seems safe to assume that the rival executives projections are the top of where any current Brown offers are at. There is virtually no chance they are getting offered a first at this point.