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Bucky Brooks mock sends Josh Allen to the 49ers

Bosa to the Cardinals, Allen to the 49ers, we know this outcome.

We’ve had some interesting changes this week with mock drafts. Some of the normal, predictive outcomes have come out with Nick Bosa going to the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers settling with Josh Allen. Others have had the 49ers getting Bosa.

This mock from’s Bucky Brooks has what has become the safe prediction: Bosa to the Cardinals, Allen to the 49ers. That’s not to say Brooks isn’t thinking it’s what will happen. He’s quick to note that this mock is about what the clubs think of the players in a best player available sort of way and not necessarily what he thinks they should do. Which, if you think of it like that, the way this mock goes makes sense.

As said above, Allen goes to the 49ers. Here’s what Brooks said about the pick:

“Allen would give the 49ers an explosive edge rusher with outstanding first-step quickness and burst.”

Pretty subtle and brief, but there’s not much more to say about Allen that hasn’t been said. With all the drafts following this formula, it is appropriate to point something out about Allen. That something is that even if he’s not up to the standard of Bosa, the 49ers getting him isn’t like them they missed out on a first round pick and have to settle with fifth round talent. Allen is listed as one of the absolute best in a draft stuffed with quality pass rushers. If the 49ers take him, they certainly aren’t settling for something that’s mediocre, Allen will be a great asset on the team.

Allen didn’t show up at the Senior Bowl this week, so the 49ers were/are unable to get a look at him through this week’s practices and Saturday’s game. It’s a definite drag considering it would help in the decision making process of how he responds to coaching and more importantly, Kyle Shanahan’s brand of it. Without Allen, they have gotten looks at other pass rushers like Montez Sweat. That may carry over to draft day if the assessment of Solomon Thomas has an arrow in the negative and Quinnen Williams is available.

Regardless, of that possible outcome, Josh Allen gets another vote. It’s not what Brooks thinks the 49ers—or the Cardinals by extension—should do, but it’s what they think of these players.

As we all know, there’s a lot more to drafting than just BPA.