Breaking Down The TAPES: Quinnen Williams Strongest Film Clemson

Due to popular demand I had to breakdown Quinnen’s Clemson Tape. They say he played bad. And that’s the closest game to the NFL. So I just finished making the Tape. I hope you guy’s enjoy it. And let me know if you have any other Players you want me to breakdown. And if you have a favorite song I’ll put it on for you.

I think this Clemson Film shows why Quinnen will be a big name in the NFL. It’s hard to block him. I showed examples of how many times he was double teamed in that game. I counted 15+! That’s amazing. And if you’re trying to build a case against him. You shouldn’t have listed this Game. Because it’s going to show that NFL Teams have to Account for him on every play. That’s a Disruptor designation. And yes, you want that Tag on you if you want to be one of the Top Picks in the Draft. He’s going to be so worth it at #2 and then some. If you think Aaron Donald is good or Khalil Mack. Wait until you see this young man fill out his boyish Frame and is chiseled out after losing his Baby Phat

Here you go, enjoy it as much as I did making it.

Breaking Down The Tapes: Quinnen Williams vs Clemson

Next up will be the #4 in the Draft. Who can that be? See you in the comments section. And if you haven’t seen Quinnen’s first film Breakdown you can catch it here.

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