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George Kittle is going to be an all-time popular Niner

There are a host of long-time fan favorites in San Francisco 49ers history. With only two years under his belt, I’m comfortable saying that tight end George Kittle is going to join that list.

Kittle has shown a willingness to have a great time and enjoy the game like a child. He’s shown it this week in Orlando in preparing for the Pro Bowl, and this interview was just one more example.

Kittle put together the best tight end season in 49ers history, and he’s got a whole lot of football in front of him. I have no idea if he will sign an extension and spend most or all of his career with the 49ers, but if he does, he’s going to be an all-time fan favorite. The performance is there, but he also brings the kind of infectious attitude that makes it easy to love the guy.