Thought of the day: Should the 49ers talk to Washington about Nick Mullens?

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Fooch's note: I think the original poster overvalues Nick Mullens, but I like the idea of a deal with Washington. What do you think would be a realistic deal?

I've been reading the recent reports that the Skins don't think Smith will be playing in 2019 and are planning ahead on that basis. Seeing as they're still paying £20m+ in salary and their back-up is also injured, they'll want a cheap, short term solution at QB. For this reason, many mock drafts have them drafting a QB. However, that's a 4+yr, 1st round commitment that won't be ready to play day 1 of 2019 season, it just won't work.

There aren't many decent veteran FAs on the market outside of buttfumble Sanchez and even they have a price tag.

But, we have a young, cheap QB who's proven to be smart, accurate and dedicated player who could get himself ready to take Smith's place in 2019... Nick Mullens.

Here's the consensus list of needs for Skins prior to draft:

Wide receiver
Inside linebacker

Look familiar? Outside of QB, very similar to us. I don't think there's anyone in particular I'd trade Mullens for, so we would have to get draft pick compensation.

They have 15th, 46th, 77th and 143rd worth 1050, 430, 205 and 34.5 on trade chart. We have 35th, 67th and 98th worth 550, 255 and 108. Having a safe bet QB (EDIT: on a very cheap salary whilst already paying for Smith's £20m+ a year) is worth a 2nd rounder in my eyes, perhaps a 3rd for some, but in the Skins position this deal would hold value!

(EDIT: I'm not advocating Mullens in himself is worthy of a 2nd round pick, it's the added ability to provide a short term answer to Smith's 2019 absence without committing to a high salary/long term deal nor relying on a 2019 draft pick rookie to be the starter on day 1 - this combination drives the value)

How about we trade Mullens in one of the following:

WR get Mullens, 35th, 67th (805) - SF get 15th, 77th, 143rd (1289.5)

WR get Mullens, 98th (108) - SF get 46th, 77th (635)

What do you think? I would like to keep Mullens, but he gets to be a starter and we effectively get extra pick in top 15 of draft (or extra 2nd rounder), that could sway me to part ways.

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