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On this day in 1995, the 49ers stomped the Chargers in Super Bowl 29

And I found the entire game where they did it.

Every year you probably hear them say, “get over it, the 49ers won the Super Bowl a long time ago, quit living in the past.”

And I always say, “What’s your point?”

With that, I like to remind everyone that today, January 29th, is the day the San Francisco 49ers stomped the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX back in 1995. Steve Young got the monkey of Joe Montana off his back and broke a Super Bowl record with six touchdown passes. This is the 49ers’ latest Super Bowl win, something that happened when I was in elementary school, but it was something.

If you were not a 49ers fan, you were bored to tears in this game. I remember going to class the next day and my teacher saying “That Super Bowl was boring.” Apparently, it wasn’t boring seeing the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills in it the previous two.

In any case, I found video of the game for us to watch and thought it was a good way to close out the evening. If the DMCA Biscuits block it, you can watch it at the following links:

1st Half

2nd Half