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CBS Sports mock draft has the obvious pick of Josh Allen going to 49ers

Better get used to this scenario

We’re now going to be jumping on the mock draft train like we do every year around this time and dissect every pick to see if that’s the player the San Francisco 49ers want.

The problem is, being at second overall and having the needs the 49ers have, it makes things a bit redundant on who they pick. Get ready for the Nick Bosa/Josh Allen chain of picks.

CBS Sports’ R.J. Wright put together a mock draft where he factored in trades to the equation. Sadly, the 49ers, and the Arizona Cardinals in front of them at No. 1, do not have trades on the table. This leads to the Cardinals taking Bosa and the 49ers taking Allen. Shocker, I know. Here’s what Wright had to say about Allen:

Allen could have entered the draft last year but the odds were slim that someone would have taken him in the first round. Now, unless he has a terrible predraft season, he’s almost certain to go in the top five after a year where he doubled his sack total (to 14) after adding weight.

The big trade was the Oakland Raiders trading back at No. 4 with the Jacksonville Jaguars so the latter could get their quarterback, Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins. A pretty believable move given their situation. Given the quarterback crop this year, Haskins may be the only signal caller worth spending an early pick on. If that’s the case, and he has some good pro days/combines, he very well could coerce all the quarterback needy teams into a bidding war. Maybe teams might go to an earlier pick just to keep other suitors from getting their hands on him.

That’s all a big if. As its been noted, the quarterback class for 2019 is kind of ‘meh’ at the very moment, but that will change once interviews, workouts, pro days, and the NFL Combine dive deeper into the abilities of these young signal callers.