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Report: 49ers are interested in former Colts GM Ryan Grigson for front office position

What role could he be considered for?

Pat’s update: There’s another ‘no’

Jason La Canfora reports that the San Francisco 49ers are interested in bringing former Indianapolis Colts general manager Ryan Grigson for a front office position. The position hasn’t been specified.

49ers GM John Lynch has surrounded himself with some of the best in the front office. Adam Peters and Martin Mayhew are just a few names he’s brought onboard when he began his tenure. Ryan Grigson would be another acquisition of experienced front office personnel.

The role Grigson would fill is rather interesting. He was fired from the Colts shortly after the 49ers head coach/general manager search began in 2017. After his firing, Grigson landed with the Seattle Seahawks front office as senior football consultant.

When he came to the Colts in 2012, Grigson turned around a 2-14 team reeling from the release of quarterback Peyton Manning. The Colts went to the playoffs in each of Grigson’s first free seasons, but began to decline as time went on. The biggest blunder is when the Colts traded their first rounder to the Cleveland Browns for running back Trent Richardson in the 2013 season. Richardson lasted almost two years before being waived.

The 49ers front office has been no stranger to surrounding Lynch with experienced personnel. Grigson certainly checks some boxes. The question is what role he would fill in the 49ers and if it's to fill another unannounced vacancy opening up in the future.

Whether it’s in response or not, Matt Maiocco tweeted that the 49ers had no plans to add any additional front office personnel minutes after after La Canfora stated the 49ers interest in Grigson.

It might be anyone’s guess.