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Close out your day with some George Kittle highlights

We have the top 10 George Kittle plays of 2018. Is your favorite on here?

I said the George Kittle train was going to be choo-chooing for a bit and I wasn’t kidding. After hearing the 49ers tight end played almost a half season with a cracked rib we had to talk about that. But we’re not done with George Kittle for Thursday, January 3rd 2019, no way! Let’s watch Kittle highlights!

These are the top-10 plays of Kittle from the San Francisco 49ers 2018 season. In case you’re late to the party, Kittle set a new NFL single-season receiving yards record with 1377 yards. The record was set by Rob Gronkowski at 1,327 and broken by Travis Kelce first, then by Kittle about an hour later.

What’s more impressive is how he did this feat with a cracked rib suffered in the second half of the season. Those things are nothing but painful, yet Kittle managed to endure it.

Really if there’s anything we need to do with these highlights, it’s to make Kittle proud and have the right music. So you are able to, crank this all the way up before you watch.

There are some things to be happy about from 2018. Kittle is one of them. If you can’t see the above video, here’s the tweet to go to.