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If I could force the 49ers to make any one move this offseason, it would be _________

The San Francisco 49ers face an important offseason in their rebuilding process. The organization awaits the return of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and running back Jerick McKinnon, among others, but they also hold the No. 2 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft and have a ton of cap space available to spend.

The 49ers have critical needs on both sides of the roster, and while they don’t have carte blanche this offseason, they have all sorts of freedom to improve the roster. They won’t necessarily be able to sign or draft every player they want, but they are in a position to be aggressive in both free agency and the draft.

With that in mind, what is the one roster move they absolutely have to make this offseason. Is it figuring out a way to acquire Nick Bosa? Is it trading down to acquire more draft picks and landing player X? Is it signing DeMarcus Lawrence in free agency (assuming he is not franchised or signed to an extension)? Is it signing Earl Thomas for the back end of the defense?

The 49ers will make plenty of transactions, some we’ll like and some we’ll dislike, but what is the one transaction they have to take care of this offseason that would make you happy? Regardless of what else they do the next six months, this is the one thing that is the most “must do” on your list.