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Golden Nuggets: 49ers have a job opening in the strength department

Your San Francisco 49ers for Saturday, January 5th 2019

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So today the San Francisco 49ers fired strength and conditioning coach Ray Wright. If anyone was going to be fired, Robert Saleh, Joan from payroll, whoever, it’s Wright. In fact, it almost had to happen.

Let’s get one thing straight real quick: Jerick McKinnon’s knee injury was not Wright’s fault. Neither was Jimmy Garoppolo’s injury. I’ll even take a flyer and say nor was Raheem Mostert’s broken arm.

You know what was? The fact that players well into practice were, “too tight” as Kyle Shanahan would say. The fact that Matt Breida managed to sprain his ankle within a few games. The fact that each and every week players would enter and exit the injury report without warning.

That’s on him. And if it’s not, then he should have a direct answer as to why this happened. Whether we have an answer or not, this was the right call.

If it were Robert Saleh where they are letting him grow into the role, I could understand a retention. Coaching takes time. The 49ers are promoting stability and consistency after firing three coaches in just as many years. The thing is, this is not a rookie strength and conditioning coach. This is a guy who worked with the Houston Texans and Washington. He has done the job before. This isn’t his second year running things.

Also this speaks on Kyle Shanahan. Remember when Jim Harbaugh clung to Greg Roman as offensive coordinator when Roman’s offense overstayed its welcome? Shanahan didn’t do that. He looked at the problem and made changes. With a guy he has history with. It’s not a change out of desperation to save his job either. Firing someone you have some history with is always a tough decision. There’s no happiness or joy with anyone losing their job, but Wright works in a results-driven job and his results were unsatisfactory.

That’s my take. Onto your links.

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