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49ers nab Nick Bosa in Draft Wire mock draft


Goodyear Cotton Bowl - USC v Ohio State Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

More mock drafts are going to be coming in for the top-10 picks as the playoffs continue and things will expand as we get more of the later positions locked in. This of course means the San Francisco 49ers are going to be talked about an awful lot. Draft Wire put together a Mock draft a couple days ago and in this draft they sent Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa to the 49ers. So how did this happen? At number one, the Cardinals took Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams.

Here’s what Draft Wire had to say about the Bosa pick:

This would be a dream scenario for the 49ers, who desperately need an impact player who can get after the quarterback off the edge. Bosa’s 2018 season ended early due to injury, but at full strength, he’ll have the same kind of impact his older brother has at the next level.

Kyle Madson at Draft Wire’s sister site, Niners Wire elaborated on things a bit more:

Williams going No. 1 opens a ton of doors for the 49ers from a pick and trade standpoint. No trades were executed in this mock, but it’s hard to imagine the 49ers trading out of the No. 2 pick when they have the entire edge class available to them.

Williams going to the Cardinals is very possible. I’ve argued the Cardinals may go after an offensive prospect or trade out, but after reading up a bit more on their defensive line, going with a defensive tackle could help a position of need and isn’t out of the question. Besides, Williams is a beast. I’d love to see him in a 49er uniform, but they have DeForest Buckner and Solomon Thomas (yes, I know). Grabbing another DT to replace Thomas (I’m guessing that’s who he’d replace) still leaves the edge wide open. So unless the 49ers are comfortable with a Day 2 edge rusher, giving Thomas another year while getting an elite prospect on the side would be more feasible. Of course, if Williams was there and the 49ers took him at No. 2 with a plan in place, I won’t argue. Watch his tape and don’t forget to pick your jaw up off the floor.

You see this scenario playing out?