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Golden Nuggets: At Least Seattle Lost Yesterday

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the net. Sunday, January 6th, 2018 edition.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning folks, and a happy Sunday to you. Every year, this exact weekend happens. It may not be the same day, or even the same month, but there’s always the first Sunday of the year that the 49ers aren’t playing, and there’s nothing that will happen today to influence the immediate future of the team. I mean, sure, the Seahawks lost on Saturday, which is nice without a doubt, but has no effect on a 49ers team who is already done for the year. Furthermore, they lost to the Cowboys, so, I mean, either way, the winning team from that game was going to be one that 49ers fans tend to dislike.

Anyway, here we are, with no 49ers ball to watch and no meaningful offseason developments scheduled to occur for over a month. There’s only so much we can take from the rumor mill - the evolution of the Antonio Brown saga has been wild and rapid, but very little has been concrete. At first, Antonio Brown seemed like a disgruntled employee, but one who was on good terms with coaches and teammates, especially Ben Roethlisberger. Next, word had arrived that the star WR had not discussed any sort of scenario in which a trade was desired. A few days later, that’s decanted and he’s demanding a trade and can’t stand the guy throwing the ball to him, because of a long history of bullying. Great. This makes for a terrific sports soap opera, but at this point, we’re watching little more than the rumor mill dramatizing otherwise mundane details.

Of note is the third fine delivered to a 49ers backup defender who had been pressed into duty due to injury. Antone Exum hasn’t made much money ($705,000) in the grand scheme of things this season, especially considering that California taxes are absurdly high, and his agent is taking a slice of the pie as well. After all is said, it’s likely that his take-home on that contract is around $300k, if not less. However, Exum earned a third fine of the season for a week 17 hit on a defenseless receiver, which amounted to a little bit over $53,000. Eye-popping number, right? That’s his second fine of the year at that figure. The man has been fined a shade under $135,000 this year, which could be right around half of his net income. I understand fining player, but this is ridiculous. Something needs to be done in the next CBA for sure.

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