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The Broncos aren’t trading Von Miller, period

Sounds like Elway and others have put the kibosh that.

While we can keep speculating on Antonio Brown or Odell Beckham Jr. coming to the San Francisco 49ers, the hope that Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller getting onto the trade block can stop. Now, in all fairness, nothing has been said about Miller specifically being up for a trade in the first place. There’s been some misdirection and vagueness via Broncos general manager John Elway and some misunderstanding. Since I’ve noticed some wondering if Miller would be a possibility, I found it appropriate to run the whole thing down and how this business got started. TL;DR— The Broncos aren’t even thinking about shopping Miller.

The fun started on Friday when Elway made comments regarding a trade on Miller. Per, a screenshot from Bleacher Report started everything, followed by an article from Broncos Wire that has since been deleted. In this there Elway’s comments were listed along the lines of: “I think Von can play better … we have to look at all the possibilities.’’

That’s a bit brief. Here’s the quotation in full, from the same 9news article:

“I think we’re going to visit all that,” Elway said. “I think we have to look all the possibilities and get an evaluation of that. One thing that has to happen is we have to play better. Our great players have to play better, too. Again, when we’re going around and trying to assess blame — which we don’t, we’re trying to find solutions not assess blame. We’re trying to evaluate what went on and then find solutions. One of the solutions is that we’re going to need our core guys to play better. Von, he had a good year this year. Can Von play better? Yeah, I think Von can play better. That’s part of the new thing when that comes in with the next coach.”

The abridged comments reached Miller’s mother who had a field day with the Broncos via her Instagram which was later deleted. Around the same time, The Broncos Wire author clarified the comments were not meant for Miller specifically and apologized for the misunderstanding. It’s not known where Miller’s camp stands after this, but it may be getting sorted out, if it hasn’t already.

And that’s the end of the Von Miller trade “rumor” if you call it that. Things like this happen. If you do want to keep hoping the 49ers can get Miller to Santa Clara, Elway later clarified he’s not going entertain the thought of trading Miller as our friends over at Mile High Report have written when they summarized this whole mess.

Elway’s initial comments are not unlike Kyle Shanahan’s comments in his end of season press conference where he echoed previous statements that he’d do whatever it took to make the team better. He used the statement of if Bill Belichick were available as defensive coordinator and wanted to come to San Francisco, he’d remove Robert Saleh. Believe me, that scenario will never happen and Shanahan has confirmed Saleh is returning in 2019.

Focus on OBJ and Brown. Miller’s not coming to the 49ers. It’s a misunderstanding.