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Jimmy Garoppolo and Richard Sherman kick off the offseason onstage

Looks like the San Francisco 49ers quarterback is mobile again.

A lot of questions have been going on about Jimmy Garoppolo and his mobility after suffering that ACL tear earlier in the season. We’ve had sightings of him on the sidelines and in the locker rooms, but we really haven’t seen him super mobile outside of it. Well, just dial up Richard Sherman to get you dancing:

Two things to take from this. First, as good as Sherman and Garoppolo are onstage, they will never beat the tandem of Joe Staley and Mike McGlinchey singing the Backstreet Boys.

The second, and most valuable takeaway? The fact Jimmy Garoppolo is mobile. Yes, we’ve seen it in small samples and heard about it. Seeing him on-stage singing “This is how we do it,” all but confirms he’s doing just fine. Look at him bending those knees and getting into it with the Jimmy G smile! Without a brace or crutches! I’m no medical professional (heaven help us) but this is all looking good.

And hey—concert stages are no joke and the slightest misstep could have you diving into the crowd. I base this information and statement on absolutely nothing. I don’t want to hear that Garoppolo could also injure himself in a kitchen, he’s on a concert stage and not having post-rehab issues.

It’s the principle of the thing, not my made up claims that this is amazing. Jimmy Garoppolo is healing, and he will be back.

Alright, all of this is a rambling overreaction, and just a reason for me to talk about Jimmy G. but as Fooch said when he was ‘imparting wisdom’ to me in the 2018 offseason: “There is never too much Jimmy G.”