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Mock draft has Cardinals trading back, 49ers getting Nick Bosa

Dwayne Haskins, please have a good combine.

We’re going to try to keep these mock drafts leading up to draft day from being as redundant as possible, but we need to start getting used to the fact that Nick Bosa, Josh Allen, and trades are going to be the more popular scenarios for the San Francisco 49ers.

The Draft Network had a mock draft involving two of those such scenarios. We already discussed the 49ers trading out of the second round for a trade with Jacksonville. This draft has a similar outcome, except the Cardinals are the ones to make the trade. Jacksonville gets Dwayne Haskins and that of course leaves none other than Nick Bosa for the 49ers.

Well, well, well, look who lucked out.

If a quarterback does get taken No. 1 overall, John Lynch might sprint to the podium himself a la Ultimate Warrior.

Or maybe he won’t… Maybe he’ll light up a cigar the second the 49ers go on the clock with Bosa still in the pool and smoke that bad boy until the clock hits zero before he casually hands the relay man the card.

Either way: Bosa The Niner.

Arizona will probably get a king's ransom for giving up that spot and a shot at Nick Bosa or Quinnen Williams. On the same token they will be set to fix several of their holes that have been made in their rebuilding project.

This also sends Bosa to the 49ers, finally giving them their edge rusher and giving the defense that missing piece.

This is all depending Haskins’ performance in the combine/pro days coming up. If he turns in a dud, no team is going to want to trade up, but if he can go lights out and do every drill, somebody is going to be contacting Arizona to get in front of everyone to take him.

And if Arizona won’t listen, the 49ers certainly could.