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Vic Fangio is finally getting a shot at being head coach

The Denver Broncos are set to make old friend Vic Fangio their next head coach. Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport are both reporting that a deal is done, with Schefter reporting it is a four year contract with a team option for the fifth year. After 33 years as an NFL assistant, and 19 years as an NFL defensive coordinator, Fangio is getting his shot.

Fangio spent four years with the 49ers, and during that time he had three seasons with a top five defense. He joined the Bears in 2015, and progressively improved that defense. They were No. 1 this past season, and while the Khalil Mack acquisition was a big reason for it, Fangio deserves credit for the work he did with that unit.

Broncos general manager John Elway is on record stating he wants a head coach who is, “great on one side of the ball and great at what they do—whatever that position that may be—whether it be a coordinator or whatever they’ve done.” There is no doubt that Fangio is a great defensive coach.

Now that he’s a head coach, the big question is what the offense will look like. By all accounts, Gary Kubiak will be running that side of the ball. Kubiak is very well qualified for the role, but there was one slightly concerning report earlier today. PFT’s Mike Florio said on a Chicago radio station that Fangio so badly wanted to be a head coach he was willing to let Elway pick his staff. Kubiak is a good coach, but is also an Elway guy. It remains to be seen how true Florio’s report is, but the dynamics of the Elway-Fangio relationship will be something to track as Fangio works to fill out his staff. I’m hoping it’s not entirely true as I don’t think that would bode well for Fangio’s chances in Denver — and given his contributions to the 49ers from 2011 to 2014, I’m hoping for nothing but the best for him.