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What if the 49ers made a trade, but not for a cornerback or a left tackle?

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There are whispers that 49ers are interested in WR Emmanuel Sanders of the Broncos

Jacksonville Jaguars v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

In February, the San Francisco 49ers were rumored to be interested in acquiring Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. That was reported by Ben Allbright, who has broken NFL news in the past and currently has a radio show on iHeart Radio. Sanders is 32-years old and has a cap hit in 2019 just under $13 million. I’m sure Paraag Marathe and company would get out of paying that entire amount. This is also the last season of Sander’s contract, so you’re potentially risking trading a future draft pick for a player that could walk away.

That’s a risk I’d be willing to take.

On Monday, Allbright said “he has a feeling” that Sanders ends up on the 49ers before the trade deadline.

In the thread, Allbright says it won’t be C.J. Beathard. He specifically told Justis, “wrong QB, and I think it’ll just be a pick.” He told another reporter when asked if there’s action on the trade that “we’ll call it a ‘gut feeling’ right now.”

With Trent Taylor on IR, and Jalen Hurd still easing his way back, the 49ers could use a weapon like Sanders. The speedy wide receiver can play in the slot and on the outside. He can stretch the field, but Sanders can also take a screen or a short route and turn it into a big play as well. For a team that has plenty of youth at wide receiver, Sanders could be the guy that makes Marquise Goodwin expendable without taking away the development of Deebo Samuel.

The question is always the cost. The Broncos are 0-4 and their season is all but lost. Sanders isn’t going to come back, so they may be willing to move on from him for cheap. This could all be for nothing, but, despite the undefeated start, there is nothing wrong with wanting to upgrade your roster. That’s what Sanders is, an upgrade. If you can trade him for a fourth-round pick, you pull the trigger and work out the financials later.

Should the 49ers trade for Sanders?