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Peter Schrager: “I don’t think[the 49ers] are a fluke”

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It’s great when others talk about the 49ers.

This is a total homer statement, but I think I speak for all San Francisco 49ers fans when I tell you that the best part of a winning week (or two when you factor in the bye) is hearing everyone talk about the 49ers.

The folks over at Good Morning Football have been mighty kind to the 49ers. Kyle Brandt put together an amazingly awful rap about the team, and Peter Schrager had offered some praise as far back as 2018 when many were more optimistic about their chances.

Well, it’s 2019 and Schrager continues to be optimistic for the 49ers. On Monday, the GMFB crew talked about break out NFC teams, and Schrager was quick to bring up the (undefeated 49ers):

“If the playoffs were to start today, the No. 1 seed is the San Francisco 49ers. I don’t think they’re a fluke. I think the 49ers are really good up front, they’ve got a great defensive line, and their offense is starting to gel. You look at this defense and what they did to Pittsburgh—not last week—but two weeks ago remember, they are on a bye, and there’s a lot of reason for promise. This is a defense that has five first rounders on the defensive line, Richard Sherman is playing back at an All-Pro level, and the linebacker play has been excellent. The Niners defense can hang, and if the Garoppolo offense gets going a little bit more, they’ll be relevant. I do like the quarterback, look at their next few games: home on Monday night against the Browns; that’s a winnable game. Then they travel to a Rams team that I have questions about after yesterday. Then [Washington] Panthers without Cam [Newton], Cardinals with Kyler Murray, who haven’t won yet. If the 49ers keep on stacking these Ws, they’re no fluke. They can do it. Now look, it’s a tall task to say out of nowhere after not being in the playoffs for so many years, they’re going to be the team, but they’re the only unbeaten team still in that NFC, and it’s a loaded conference.”

I mentioned before that this hot start could unravel quickly if the 49ers aren’t careful. Sunday I brought up the Arizona Cardinals impressive start to 2012, only to have that blow up by Week 5. It’s still a long season, and the 49ers have been mighty fortunate in their first three games.

If they can get all of it together, they’ll be unstoppable.

If you can’t see the above tweet, click here.