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Rams HC Sean McVay talks about the preparing for the 49ers

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McVay had some very insightful answers.

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Head coach of the Los Angeles Rams Sean McVay spoke to the local reporters on a conference call Wednesday about the upcoming divisional game against the San Francisco 49ers. Here are some of the highlights from McVay’s call.

On the loss of fullback Kyle Juszczyk:

He’s a great moveable piece. Kyle [Shanahan] does an excellent job of moving him around. His skill set matches to create a bunch of different looks out of the same personnel matching. It’s still going to be a tough matchup for our defense, but that is a tough loss because he is a great player.

On the difference in preparing for the 49ers this year as opposed to last season:

They’ve always been a really good team. Even though sometimes the record has been a little different. The problems have been there from a preparation standpoint. I think you’re really seeing everything come together. You flip the tape on, and it looks like an excellent team with no weaknesses in any one of the three phases. It’s all the things that you’re looking for from a really good team.

On Nick Bosa, in particular, how he played Monday:

Relentless. Mature player for a rookie. Great feel, great motor. A lot of things you see from their group up front. They play with an energy. You hear them say “All gas, no brakes,” and that’s what it looks like when you see them play.

On his impressions of Emmanuel Moseley:

He did really well. He’s competitive. It’s not too big for him. He comes up and challenges guys, whether it was Odell or some of the other receivers. He has good short space quickness, good lateral agility. He played with good technique. Looks like a tough competitor. I think he did a real nice job the other night.

On what he sees in Jimmy Garoppolo:

I think he’s done a great job. Anytime that you’re the quarterback of a team that’s 4-0, you’re doing a lot of things really well. It seems like he’s managing the operation. Getting in and out of the huddle, making good decisions. Distributing the ball where it needs to go. I think he’s got good pocket movement. He’s got a great ability to speed it up at the top when things condense around him. He’s a really good player, and he’s done a nice job. You can tell that he and Kyle have a comfort level, a rapport, and he’s doing an excellent level of running the system.

On what makes the 49ers running game so effective:

The explosiveness. Whether it’s Breida, whether it’s Tevin Coleman, then you bring Mostert in, and he can do a lot of good things too. You’re talking about three explosive backs that can take it at any point in time. I think Kyle and their group have done a really good job of mixing up different run schemes. Everyone talks about the wide zone; they’ve certainly done an excellent job of that. Seeing them mix in more gap type schemes, where they’re pulling backside players and wrapping guys around. They’re doing a good job of getting receivers involved. They get a bunch of different guys involved in the run game, and that’s what makes them such a nightmare to prepare for.

This was recorded before Mike McGlinchey’s injury was announced, but McVay was asked if he noticed the difference in the teams speed this year:

I think as much as anything; they’re healthier. They’ve had some unfortunate injuries. They’ve always been really well-coached, they’ve had good personnel. It’s really just a matter of the availability of some of their key players. I think we’re seeing a healthy team. A team that’s always been consistently well-coached.

On the challenges of a Robert Saleh defense:

What you see is a really sound defense. They make you earn every single yard. They’ve done some different things where they’ve changed up a little bit of the techniques that they’re playing on the front, even though they’re still playing predominantly off a four-man front structure. It’s been really impressive watching them. They’re taking the ball away. They’re mixing in some different coverage principles. There’s a sound core philosophy that they have that they’re committed to. It’s a combination of really good personnel, really good scheme.