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That one time Richard Sherman almost went to Monday Night Football

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ESPN tried to tamper with him, but Sherman said no.

We have another incident of tampering in the NFL. Except it wasn’t one team trying to poach the player of another, it was a network trying to do so. Richard Sherman said this week that ESPN gave him a lucrative offer to come to Monday Night Football.

Per Matt Maiocco, the offer came after Sherman tore his Achilles in the 2017 season. As you remember, Sherman’s career was up in doubt; the Seahawks were planning to release him and kick-start the events leading to him putting on the red and gold:

ESPN gauged his interest in retiring to enter the broadcast booth for “Monday Night Football” after he sustained a torn Achilles during the 2017 season. He was offered a lucrative deal to begin his broadcasting career, Sherman said.

It makes sense why ESPN would make the offer. 2018 brought us Booger McFarland in the “Booger Mobile” and Jason Witten in the booth. Witten left after one year, choosing to return to the NFL and clearing the way for McFarland. McFarland’s commentary hasn’t been well-received.

Given the superb play and coaching Sherman supplied, I think we can all say we’re happy he decided to keep playing. MNF is definitely in his future and that’s something I’d tune in to see, but not right now. The only thing he needs signed is an extension to finish in San Francisco. Outside of his play, Sherman has been a perfect leader to the young defense and that is worth the paycheck.

But if he did sign in 2018, does that give him the Sherman-Mobile?