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Which non-49ers game are you looking forward to in Week 6?

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It’s Sunday! Time for some football. Which game are you looking forward to?

Welcome to Week 6 of the NFL season. The San Francisco 49ers will get going against the Los Angeles Rams this afternoon which gives us the full slate of A.M. games at our disposal.

So what’s everybody watching today? This is our “Non-49ers game-day thread” where we can talk about the action on Sunday. We have these every Sunday with the schedules posted

The one I’m most interested in is Seattle Seahawks vs. Cleveland Browns. No longer am I watching games to see how the 49ers can get better draft positioning (which usually involved rooting for Cleveland wins as well). Now it’s playoff and divisional purposes. The Seahawks are right on the 49ers’ heels and the NFC West may just come down to who beats who in an away game. With that said, I’d love to see the Browns stomp the Seahawks just for 49ers legitimacy (WHO HAVE THEY BEATEN) and because I live in Seattle. Fun Fact: I got more into football because I was tired of hearing about the Seahawks.

I’m also interested in Houston Texans vs Kansas City Chiefs. I don’t mind Patrick Mahomes the person. I don’t mind Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback (he’s fun to watch). I do mind the ridiculousness that goes along with Patrick Mahomes the “SHOWTIME” superstar. That said, this should be a really fun game, but if Mahomes is held to 13 points again, something is very, very wrong.

What’s everyone watching?

Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 06:30 A.M., NFL Network
Washington at Miami Dolphins, 10:00 A.M., FOX
Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings 10:00 A.M., FOX
Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs , 10:00 A.M., CBS
New Orleans Saints at Jacksonville Jaguars , 10:00 A.M., CBS
Seattle Seahawks at Cleveland Browns, 10:00 A.M.,FOX
Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens, 10:00 A.M., CBS
San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams 1:05 P.M., FOX
Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals, 1:05 P.M., FOX
Dallas Cowboys at New York Jets, 1:25 P.M., CBS
Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos. 1:25 P.M., CBS
Pittsburgh Steelers at Los Angeles Chargers, 5:20 P.M., NBC